EcoSmart E26 LED Recessed Light

December 5, 2010

I’ve had 3 PAR-30 bulbs in my kitchen and while they’re bright and efficient, they’re nothing particularly natural, have an awkward power-on delay, and don’t throw light evenly.

I’ve seen the EcoSmart E26 LED “Down light Light Bulb” at Home Depot, but they seemed too complex and too pricey.  Despite the web page saying they’re $49.97 each, they’re just under $20 each in the stores in my area, and they’re stocking a very large number of them.  A friend of mine decided to try them out instead of the PAR-30’s I’ve been using, and I was really impressed.  Instant-on, warm but white, and unbelievably good light spread (no hot spots).  They’re also dimmable and suitable for damp locations.  So I binged and bought 5 to replace all my kitchen lights.  The difference is amazing.  Check out these before

and after

pictures!  I highly recommend these; just be aware it’s not as simple as screwing in a new light bulb (you’ll need to remove the existing trim in the recessed housing first) and isn’t necessarily a universal fit.