Here I’ll share personal experiences with technology as it relates to system administration as well as programming.  These will be technologies or processes that I strongly feel are the Right Thing to use or follow.

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  1. Tm Logan says:

    Love the site. I was wondering when you were going to pull the trigger on the SSD. Nice work!

  2. Anne Sumers says:

    Your website is incredibly helpful! We are New Yorkers and are waiting on delivery of our Roadster (May 26? Sooner? Maybe).
    Are there other NY/CT/NJ owners? Is there a forum for us?
    We are working with Tesla organizing a road rally in our area– June 26 th is good for us, but Tesla isn’t sure yet (starting in Scarborough at the Sleepy Hollow Country Club with breakfast, heading up the Hudson to Newburgh and back down Storm King, around Harriman State Park, then up Bear Mountain– then over the Bear Mountain Bridge) and then lunch & admiring everyone’s cars and sharing Tesla adaptations/experiences at our country club.
    Are you in? Have any great ideas?
    We’ve never done a road rally before…..we just want to get Teslas out there, because everyone thinks they are just for California!
    Also– we want to drive the car to my husband’s 30th medical school reunion, from Westchester County NY to Ann Arbor Michigan Sept 8th…. what do you think? Crazy idea? Impossible? (The entire populace of Ann Arbor will go nuts for Tesla.. they are very green and forward looking)
    All my best
    Anne Sumers

    • Ben Goodwin says:

      Hi Anne!
      I’m actually near Boston, MA, and don’t know any other Roadster owners unfortunately. The Roadster population is definitely thin around here! It would be fun to get everyone together — though given my distance from NY, it’ll be somewhat difficult for me to do a single-day event. I also don’t know the area down there to be of much help but definitely keep me in the loop (Tesla NY doesn’t normally include me in anything as I’m too far away).
      Check out my recent trip to NYC: http://www.teslamotorsclub.com/showthread.php/5504-My-NYC-trip-%28200-miles-each-way%29?p=65695&viewfull=1#post65695
      That trip to MI would definitely be interesting and require planning and a different style of travel (not much room for two people and luggage!) … I would definitely recommend taking a long (200+ mile each way) trip somewhere first to get used to what’s involved before going as far as MI.
      Definitely sign up for and read through http://www.teslamotorsclub.com — that’s pretty much the place to go to talk to other owners and EV enthusiasts. There are a few folks from your area on there. I’ve found that site to be incredibly useful.
      Hope that helps!

      – Ben

  3. Anne Sumers says:

    It is very exciting to see someone with a Roadster in the local, cold weather. We are waiting on our bright red #1316! We read through your “Owning the Tela Roadster 2.5 and appreciate your thoroughness! (You do need a garage!). Are there any other owners in the Tri-state area? Would you be interested in a road rally around the Hudson River Valley in June? How long does the Tesla hold its charge?
    All our best
    Elliott & Anne Sumers

  4. Anne Sumers says:


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