GigaOM: Another Half-Dozen Half-Truths of the Cloud

April 19, 2009

Joe Weinman at GigaOM posts Another Half-Dozen Half-Truths of the Cloud.  I like the first one (Clouds are less secure) — but the real question is, how do we as service providers get the consumer to trust us?

The third item (If cloud services cost more, they shouldn’t be used) refers to this McKinsey study; I debated posting that study here last week because I want more to communicate that picking up and moving some or all of your “shop” to “the cloud” isn’t nearly as easy as some business leaders are inclined to believe.  At first I thought this study would help make my case but it goes on to say that it is more cost-effective for smaller enterprises.  Perhaps it is, but there’s a lot of hidden cost in moving towards it and supporting the processes behind it.

Eclipse IDE Tips and Tricks

April 19, 2009

I don’t use Eclipse myself but a number of my colleagues do so I thought I’d share this blog.

Fearless Bytes IV

April 19, 2009
  • Why the CAPTCHA Approach Is Doomed
    CAPTCHA doesn’t work.  Don’t waste your time on it.  I’ve seen first-hand that humans are often behind the keyboard abusing your system and I’m pretty sure they can get through CAPTCHA.
  • The Big List of Agile Practices
    A well-organized list of Agile practices.  Now that this list has been solidified, they’re now running a survey (which I encourage you to participate in) along with immediate survey results.
  • Buy vs. Build
    More “please stop re-inventing the wheel” content.  Sometimes its done out of fear of losing control because you’ve been burned by bad libraries in the past but think about it — the time spent on creating your own library and maintaining it over time far outweighs debugging a few bugs here and there with a vendor-provided library or working with the open source community.  You are 1 person with a side-focus of creating this library to enable your product.  They are (usually) multiple people focused on the library you could be using.
  • “I don’t have time to test!”
    Don’t ever repeat this phrase with a straight face in front of me 🙂  The fourth comment in the article has a nice reference as well.
    I always love lists of favorite developer tools so I can check out what others are using!
  • Free Illustrated C# 2008 Ebook
    I haven’t checked this out yet but really wanted to pass this along ASAP!
  • 10 Way to Improve Your Code
    Neal Ford presents for an hour at QCon.  It started off a little shaky for me but I watched the whole thing — it’s worth the watch.  Topics include: composed methods, the problem with singletons (and how to solve it) — mixing “static” with “state”, YAGNI, TDD, pair programming, polyglot programming, parallelism, and a good top-10 signs you’ve got a problem.

HP to announce “Matrix” — Next-Gen Blade Servers

April 15, 2009

Picked up this article from Between the Lines today.  I like HP’s servers but recently they seem to be late to the game.

The real question (for me) is: where is the server technology going and is the business I support aligned with this direction?  I don’t see that there is alignment there but fortunately virtualization means lots of memory and the software I support loves memory so HP’s recent upgrade to their DL360 line which maxes out at 144 GB of memory is a welcome one!

Intel Releases Firmware Update for X25-M SSD

April 13, 2009

In my previous SSD post, I mentioned that the write performance of MLC drives can slow down with use.  It appears that Intel’s latest firmware update for their X25-M series of SSDs has solved this problem and the drive maintains incredible peformance.  PC Perspective reviews the new update with some impressive results.

GigaOM: 6 Half-Truths About the Cloud

April 13, 2009

Some interesting thoughts on what cloud computing means to the enterprise.  The second item in the article makes me wonder whether cloud-computing-specific servers and server-side software will be coming.

Shell Commands: Sweet Shortcuts!

April 7, 2009

I just found this list of shell commands.  Because I’m a command-line and shortcut kinda guy, I immediately felt like celebrating!  I used to type %userprofile%\desktop in the Run dialog box but now I can type shell:desktop.  I can also type shell:MyComputerFolder to bring up My Computer.  Now that‘s cool.  No, seriously.