Fearless Bytes 3

I finally caught up with my RSS feeds.  Here’s what I found useful:

  • 10 skills developers will need in the next five years
    • Of the 10, the one that most resonated was that the author believes that most developers will need to at least one of the following three development systems (note: not language): ASP.NET, PHP, and Java
  • Unit Testing: Can You Afford Not To?
    • Need help making a case for Unit Testing?  This is a good metaphysical-level argument for it.  I’m coming to understand that the only way to effect this kind of adoption within an organization is to take it upon yourself to use the technology/methodology yourself such that you become the person who has the least buggy code and develops faster; then people will ask how you did it, and you can tell them how.  It also helps to have the framework and examples in place for others to build on.
  • How I Learned to Program Manage an Agile Team after 6 years of Waterfall
    • I’m not a program manager but I find this story based on the author’s personal experience fascinating.  I found the moments of clarity and the examples of what’s being used at CodePlex very useful.
  • Effective Windows PowerShell: The Free eBook
    • I recently got interested in PowerShell.  I wish I’d done it earlier.  This is a great Cliff’s Notes for PowerShell.
  • The C# Programming Language Version 4.0
    • I’m always looking forward to the next C#/.NET evolution.  Here’s a good overview of what’s coming up.

3 Responses to Fearless Bytes 3

  1. John says:

    oooh. thanks for the powershell link. the little powershell i have learned has made me ever so slightly more competent on windows. 😀

    • Ben Goodwin says:

      The key to Powershell is remembering that every command returns an object. You then realize you can do stuff like this:

      (Get-Process -name winamp*).Path
      (Get-Process -name winamp*).VirtualMemorySize
      (dir AUTOEXEC.BAT).CreationTime
      (dir AUTOEXEC.BAT).CreationTime.Year

      And then this

      Get-Content c:\boot.ini | ForEach-Object { $_.Length }

      • john says:

        yeah — that took me a little while to figure out.
        I still think I prefer ‘ls | wc -l’ to ‘(get-childitems .).count’. On the other hand, process stuff I like much better in powershell.

        get-process | sort-object -property cpu -descending | select-object -first 20

        makes a lot more sense than

        ps -are -o “comm cpu” | head -20

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