Nine Teamwork Killers

July 25, 2009

While reading 10 Things I Hate About Software Development, I came across a list of nine things that kill teamwork that TomDeMarco and Tim Lister in their book Peopleware.  I followed the link through to find out what that list was and found myself nodding in vehement agreement with them and the examples that the author of the article listed.

How much do those nine killers ring true with you?

Cloud-Based Thread Pool

July 25, 2009

Ran across this article just now and wanted to link to it cuz the concept is really fascinating to me!

Growing a SaaS Business

July 1, 2009

What’s more important for a SaaS business: making money on every user or having so many users that you can then create features that are only useful when you have these kinds of numbers?

This article on GigaOM really caught my attention because it’s dear to the hearts of the team I work with.  Creating feature after feature may not be what’s needed to grow — but rather create one or two compelling reasons to be on the platform, and then use that network effect to create additional features that benefit large numbers of users.