Fearless Bytes IV

  • Why the CAPTCHA Approach Is Doomed
    CAPTCHA doesn’t work.  Don’t waste your time on it.  I’ve seen first-hand that humans are often behind the keyboard abusing your system and I’m pretty sure they can get through CAPTCHA.
  • The Big List of Agile Practices
    A well-organized list of Agile practices.  Now that this list has been solidified, they’re now running a survey (which I encourage you to participate in) along with immediate survey results.
  • Buy vs. Build
    More “please stop re-inventing the wheel” content.  Sometimes its done out of fear of losing control because you’ve been burned by bad libraries in the past but think about it — the time spent on creating your own library and maintaining it over time far outweighs debugging a few bugs here and there with a vendor-provided library or working with the open source community.  You are 1 person with a side-focus of creating this library to enable your product.  They are (usually) multiple people focused on the library you could be using.
  • “I don’t have time to test!”
    Don’t ever repeat this phrase with a straight face in front of me 🙂  The fourth comment in the article has a nice reference as well.
  • http://codezest.com/archive/2008/09/28/development-tools-i-use-amp-recommend.aspx
    I always love lists of favorite developer tools so I can check out what others are using!
  • Free Illustrated C# 2008 Ebook
    I haven’t checked this out yet but really wanted to pass this along ASAP!
  • 10 Way to Improve Your Code
    Neal Ford presents for an hour at QCon.  It started off a little shaky for me but I watched the whole thing — it’s worth the watch.  Topics include: composed methods, the problem with singletons (and how to solve it) — mixing “static” with “state”, YAGNI, TDD, pair programming, polyglot programming, parallelism, and a good top-10 signs you’ve got a problem.

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