Shell Commands: Sweet Shortcuts!

I just found this list of shell commands.  Because I’m a command-line and shortcut kinda guy, I immediately felt like celebrating!  I used to type %userprofile%\desktop in the Run dialog box but now I can type shell:desktop.  I can also type shell:MyComputerFolder to bring up My Computer.  Now that‘s cool.  No, seriously.

One Response to Shell Commands: Sweet Shortcuts!

  1. john says:

    I usually just do appl…er… start-r desktop. also, of course, start-r iexplore, start-r %HOME%. my new fav powershell command is ‘ii .’

    works like OSX’s ‘open .’ command. now if I could only make pushd/popd work like bash, i would almost be happy. 🙂 [I know pushd, popd works, but…i live for pushd +1 in bash to swap around the dir stack. if you know the command for that….i will owe you!]

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