GigaOM: Another Half-Dozen Half-Truths of the Cloud

Joe Weinman at GigaOM posts Another Half-Dozen Half-Truths of the Cloud.  I like the first one (Clouds are less secure) — but the real question is, how do we as service providers get the consumer to trust us?

The third item (If cloud services cost more, they shouldn’t be used) refers to this McKinsey study; I debated posting that study here last week because I want more to communicate that picking up and moving some or all of your “shop” to “the cloud” isn’t nearly as easy as some business leaders are inclined to believe.  At first I thought this study would help make my case but it goes on to say that it is more cost-effective for smaller enterprises.  Perhaps it is, but there’s a lot of hidden cost in moving towards it and supporting the processes behind it.

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