Fearless Bytes 1

I come across a number of articles that “speak to me” while flipping through my RSS feeds.  I’ll be linking to them here.  I’m a bit behind on my feeds at the moment, so here’s my first chunk …

  • Improving Software Process – A Letter to Upper Management
    • This is pretty much what I believe in.  Many people I work with would probably agree, but don’t practice it or say it’s too expensive to implement.  I’ll continue to disagree on that point and work to provide the business case for implementing much (all?) of what the author suggests.
  • The 2009 CWE/SANS Top 25 Most Dangerous Programming Errors
    • I frequently remind others about many of these; it’s nice to have these in one place and to see it  come from MITRE and SANS.
  • Security: Store strings in-memory securely (.NET 2.0+)
    • This piqued my interest because I’ve had to deal with this in a past project (written in C)
  • Agile Architecture Method
    • Even without the Agile aspect of this article, the author covers many key points in what needs to be considered by architects and engineers
  • Planning Poker – Agile Estimating
    • I found this particularly fascinating because it forces cooperative/team planning.  Not only does this help coagulate the team, but shares knowledge and should end up creating a better plan
  • 10 CSS Tips Every Web Developer Should Know
    • I lack the artistic talent required to make a good-looking page — however there are aspects of web development, even when dealing with CSS and JS, that require some foundational knowledge.  I recently rewrote an existing site and needed to learn some basic CSS and JS, and was happy to come across this article

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