Installation of the NEMA14-50R for the Roadster

Took some pictures during the installation of the NEMA14-50R.
The electrical installation was painless — about 30-45 minutes of work and $50 in parts.
Random note … the UMC cord is much shorter than I expected (about 18 feet). I’ll have to back the car up pretty close to the house for this to work. Some day I’ll have a garage …

3 Responses to Installation of the NEMA14-50R for the Roadster

  1. Doug Swain says:

    Ben, you did the electrical work yourself? You are the man. Nice. Regards, — Jay Leno

  2. Ben Goodwin says:

    Jay Leno, LOL! I had an electrician do it for insurance purposes … and so I didn’t have a water leak into the house ‘cuz I don’t know what I’m doing with respect to drilling holes and stuff in the side of the house 🙂 The electrician did it in under an hour.
    And thanks!

  3. Jeff Anton says:

    I know Tesla says don’t use extension cords, but if you know what you’re doing with a good enough cable… I bought the 50A 30 ft. extension from the website below and tested it with my UMC and it worked fine with a 3 hour charge. It is 6 AWG which is plenty hefty and enough for the 40A the UMC will pull.

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