My Tesla Has Arrived!

Some pictures from my camera. There are other photos and videos on my friends’ cameras which I’ll post as soon as I have them!

First videos have arrived:

Electric Meter While Charging:
First Drive: (UPDATED)
Drive #2: (NEW)

NEW (October 11, 2010):


8 Responses to My Tesla Has Arrived!

  1. Doug Swain says:

    Ben, it’s awesome. Really beautiful.
    Congratulations. — Doug Swain

  2. Jer says:

    Holy Jeebus that looks like a sweet ride.
    Have fun with it, man. 🙂

    • Ben Goodwin says:

      Jer! Hey! Thanks dude!
      Hope things are well with you! You at … darn what’s the company name.. with all the other ex-Ultranetters there? I should come visit 🙂

  3. Jay says:

    Wow is that a beauty! AND arrived early too!? congrats.

  4. Doug Swain says:

    Hi, Ben. Can you let us know when the Tesla will be in Boston’s western suburbs so I can come see it? Thanks. — Doug

  5. Gad Elmoznino says:

    Super nice. I am currently in the process of deciding if I take the plunge or not. I live in Montreal, Canada and would want to drive it through the winter but I’ve read good reviews about how it does in snow. We also have bad roads in lots of places but you seem to say it wasnt that much of an issue. I finally test drove one last week and was amazed. The only thing I didnt love (maybe you can comment) was I found the left foot dead pedal was awkwardly placed and very small. I couldnt really find a comfortable spot for my left foot and it was very close to the break. I would probably get used to it. Do you have a hardtop for the winter or not? Also curious how easy it is to take off and put on. Keep the entries coming!

  6. Ben Goodwin says:

    Hi Gad! I’m fully planning on driving it in the snow (based on the same good comments of other owners). I should probably get myself snow tires, though. I’ve found it to handle bumps generally better than my other car (the Subaru WRX STi). The really big ones (e.g. potholes) are louder and scare you a bit, but it hasn’t proven to be anything more than just an alarmingly loud bump.
    The dead pedal area is indeed small but I’m also small; at 5’3″ and a size 8 1/2 (Men’s U.S.) shoe, it’s not been an issue. I find myself stretching my left leg straight and putting my foot all the way left and flat. I can tell it’s still close to the brake pedal but it’s never caused an issue. That might change with bulkier shoes (e.g. for the winter), however. I haven’t actually looked to see how much room there is.
    I don’t have the hard top. I also don’t have a garage (yet — planning to move to a place that does). Based on the fact that the Boston rep keeps his outside (he also doesn’t have a garage) with the soft top, I feel mostly OK about it. I’m more concerned about the roads than the car getting snowed on. From what I’ve seen about the hard top, it’s supposed to be a 2-person job (1 person could probably do it) and it takes several minutes and requires a tool to screw it into place.

  7. Gad says:

    Thanks for your reply Ben. Very insightful. I’m really leaning towards making the jump and plopping down a deposit. Hope you keep enjoying your roadster. Maybe I’ll have one in the next year too!

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